• You're arguing from emotion

This argument is the reverse of My emotional investment in this issue is very large; therefore my arguments are irrefutable. It's also a camouflaged ad hominem argument: You are arguing from emotion, rather than reason, and therefore your arguments are invalid. Usually, all they have to support this is the observation that their opponent is being emotional, which is not the same thing at all. A person can have a strong emotional investment in a position arrived at through reason. Also, a position can turn out to be correct no matter how it was arrived at.

  • I predict that after you've calmed down and had a chance to think this over rationally, you'll see that I'm right.
  • You wouldn't react with so much hostility if I wasn't right.
  • Don't worry, the grownups will take care of it
  • All you've proved is that you're not {smart | rational | talented} enough for me to waste my time responding to you.
  • You're just saying that because you're female, and everyone knows how well females handle logic.
  • There are far more important things to worry about than that!
  • You don't really think that
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