Self-valorization is an outgrowth of the uber-characteristic trollish denial that their difficulties interacting with others have anything to do with their behavior. Instead, they substitute heroic, flattering, or self-pitying explanations for their problems.

  • I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I call 'em as I see 'em, and I'm not going to apologize for that. (-- example courtesy of Soren DeSelby)
  • I'm an equal-opportunity offender.
  • My mission on Earth is to tell the truth as I see it - which means two things: it may not actually be the truth and it may chafe the sensitive. (user "Teller" on Boing Boing)
  • I know you're just going to delete this comment/ban me because you can't tolerate the challenge to your worldview.
  • I can't believe I'm being censored for just expressing an opinion.
  • Why are you a public group if you won't welcome new ideas and new people? Are you scared of original thinking?
  • This is what I get for challenging the groupthink around here. (In this context, groupthink or echo chamber means There must be some supernatural explanation for everyone disagreeing with me at once.)
  • The fact that you've deleted my comment means I must be right!
  • You're a coward for deleting my comments. However, there's now proof that what I said has merit!

The following sequence of three comments was collected in the wild just before the user was permanently banned:

  • Well, [site manager], you just proved my original point.
  • I've struck a nerve and you can't take it.
  • And women want respect. BWAHAHAHAHA

Additional self-valorization tropes:

  • I'm not rude, just honest.
  • I'm sorry you find me intimidating.
  • I'm sorry you can't handle the truth.
  • You wouldn't react with this much hostility if I wasn't right.

It stands to reason. After all, they get hostile when someone presents them with an irrefutable argument.

  • I'm not sure why there is this desire to marginalize dissenting voices.
  • One wonders at the mentality of a person who takes every precaution possible to silence dissenting opinion - but that was the point of this whole discussion anyway, wasn't it?
  • Your type likes to throw around these pejorative labels for anybody who doesn't agree with you.
  • Now, tell me: what kind of person is so terrified of dissenting viewpoints that they will silence them at any opportunity? Answer: the {type of person whose political views are at variance with the speaker's}.
  • I have been repeatedly attacked with senseless ad hominem arguments.
  • This is how your type always work: you lack the ability to sustain any logical debate on the topic, so you attempt to quash any dissent through intimidation, name-calling, and any other forceful means you deem necessary.
  • That's it; I've given you enough First Amendment for tonight.
  • My ideas are too powerful/true/challenging for you to handle. You're calling me a troll to avoid dealing with them.
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