• [Any use of politically correct, PC, PC police, thought police, thoughtcrime.]
  • I don't believe in giving in to the political correctness nazis.
  • How come prejudice against normal heterosexual white men is still acceptable, when you can't say a word about any minorities without the PC brigade jumping on you?
  • Why don't you feminazis care about the male point of view?
  • You want to make everything a gender issue.
  • You're just saying that because you're female, and everyone knows how well females handle logic.
  • You call everyone who disagrees with you a bigot! That's how you silence anybody you don't like!
  • If it's so important for {minority group} to have the freedom to live their weird and perverted lifestyle, why don't I have the freedom to live my normal, regular life and think badly of the weirdoes if I want to?
  • Reasonable people can disagree on {issues that affect an oppressed group the speaker is not a part of}
  • We're just discussing politics. You shouldn't take it personally.
  • Government intervention enforcing {my preferred interpretation of the subset of levitical prohibitions dealing with sex} is a religious freedom issue. Government intervention promoting the Sermon on the Mount is communism.
  • How can you think {some behavior} is wrong when you don't believe in absolute morality?
  • How can you have moral principles when you're an atheist?
  • Isn't it reverse racism to say that blacks can use that word, but we can't?
  • Why are you wasting time talking about {your issue} when there are {children starving in Africa | women being sold into slavery | typos in books | rising sea-levels in the Maldives | other genuine but in context irrelevant crisis}?
  • That everyone here is talking about {your issue} just proves once again that none of you care about {some other issue}.
  • What about the children?
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