Asserting an Obligation to DebateCollecting on Debts that Aren't Owed YouCollecting on Moral Debts that Aren't Owed You
Collecting on debts that aren't owed youDisclaiming one's own rudenessEverything You're Talking About Sucks
Help, I'm Being Suppressed by LiberalsI Have No Idea How Crazy I AmI am the Galactic Observer
It's all right when I do itIt Doesn't Mean What You Think It DoesIt Isn’t Rude Unless I Intend It To Be Rude
Language, and things it doesn't meanLinguistic markersMisunderstanding the argument ad hominem
My issue is important; yours is trivialNondescripts awaiting identificationNotes Toward a Definition of "Troll"
Offenses against evidence and proofOnlinemanshipOpenings that should never be concluded
Playing Sheep and GoatsReason has nothing to do with itSample Conversations
Self-valorizationSentencesStraight White Affluent Male Native-Born Protestants Are Uniquely Oppressed
The Fake Flounce-OutThe Flounce: That's it! I've had enough! This time I'm leaving for good!The Lurkers Support Me In Email
The Lurkers Support Me in Email: Citing nonexistent supportThe fact that you are participating in an argument with me demonstrates that you are hopelessly lameWell Said: some examples
You Just Think That Because You're Irrational: A collection of all-purpose dismissalsYou just think that because you're irrationalYou people
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