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== "Shouting" on Pages ==

I was told, have just noticed. that using capitals is tantamount to "shouting"-don't know who came with this RIDICULOUS idea but it has CERTAINLY NOT been my intention/purpose (am NOT a good ROBOTIC "follower" of STEREOTYPICAL MONOTONIC behavior which does not require a lot of thinking or originality...-even when it comes to "social conventions" or, "societal norms"(especially one which makes no sense &/or does not apply to another INDIVIDUAL-after all, we are social creatures but, very DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS one from the other, after all)! If I want to EMPHASIZE a word for its importance to me, it sure appears that there is NO OTHER way to do so here, on Wikepedia, besides CAPITALIZING (please CORRECT me f I am wrong!)...And, if people take things "personally" (feeling I "shout" at them or "offend" them with my CAPITALS-oh well...,-HOW they CHOOSE to react to a WRITTEN word or any other thing elsewhere in their world is BEYOND MY responsibility/role/control...!!!) :)

Thank you,  — Preceding unsigned comment added by AK63 (talk • contribs) 06:32, 2 July 2015 (UTC)

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