Basic forms: either a self-valorizing troll is bravely doing battle against the forces of PC liberalism, or a recently deleted or disemvowelled troll is protesting that he's being oppressed by those same forces.

These guys are reliably clueless about what centrists, liberals, and leftists actually think and believe, and their own ideology is an incoherent patchwork of borrowed opinions. The one thing they're sure about is that being a right-winger means they're right.

The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech are frequently invoked. They don't know how that works either.

Are there liberal trolls who protest that they're being suppressed by right-wingers? Yes -- roughly one time in two or three hundred instances.

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I am certainly disappointed that [the moderator] deleted my posts as it would have been more satisfying to have [the author of the article] reply to my posts. Also, prima fascie, it seems to me that only specific people, including the authoress of this blog and those who act as her unpaid (I assume) advocates are allowed the freedom of speech while those who disagree with the views of the said authoress find their right to freedom of speech severely curtailed. This worries me because the last I checked the First Amendment was still in force in our country and it's perplexing that those who profess 'liberal' ideas are the perpetrators of the aforementioned curtailment.
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