Using the sorrows and abuses suffered by some group as an excuse to grab center stage, displace the previous conversation, deliver loud, superficial lectures to the people who've gathered there to discuss something else, and in general demand a lot of undue attention. It's obnoxious when there are no members of the allegedly oppressed class present and no one was talking about them. It's worse when members of the allegedly oppressed class are present, since the interloper isn't there to listen to them and usually winds up lecturing them as well. To see this one in action, host a discussion of burqinis in which Muslim women discuss how much they like them.

Syntax: "[Such-and-such people] have suffered, and I should be aggrandized for pointing it out."

This maneuver can also be seen as a Rescue Triangle transaction in which the Victims need not be present as long as they can be said to exist somewhere; the Rescuer need have no connection with them, nor any great expertise about them, as long as he can invoke their existence as an excuse to grab the spotlight; and anyone who questions the Rescuer's right to do so is automatically classed as an Oppressor. If the person who questions the Rescuer's right to grab center stage is a member of the oppressed class, they get lectured about how they're colluding in their own oppression.

This is closely related to My Issue Is Important; Yours Is Trivial:

  • Why are you wasting time talking about {your issue} when there are {children starving in Africa | women being sold into slavery | rising sea-levels in the Maldives | other genuine but in context irrelevant crisis}?
  • That everyone here is talking about {your issue} just proves once again that none of you care about {some other issue}.
  • What about the children?
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